The Guy’s Cookbook
or "How to look like a manly man in an apron"

While standing in a chair at about the age of 4 so I could stir a pot, I remember my Grandmother saying to me, "No man should have to depend on a woman for his clothes or his food" – pretty radical thoughts for the 1950’s. She proceeded to teach me to cook and sew in between the little league games and football practice. I don't play much baseball or football anymore, but I've been cooking - and loving it - ever since that day.

The toughest thing about typical "guy cooking" is that it rapidly gets boring. I mean, let’s face it, guys only use meat, eggs, and cheese and there are only so many ways you can cook them - right? - WRONG! With the vast variety of meats, cheeses, herbs and spices, there are a nearly infinite number of tastes and textures available.

Guys don’t usually think about cooking until they are hungry, and when guys are hungry they wanna eat NOW, so the recipes found here can generally be prepared (or finished) in less than an hour.

Cooking stuff in a HARDWARE store?!

Guy Kitchen Tips Things you'll need to know in the kitchen

Chef's Dictionary Cooking terms that you can understand

Is it spoiled?

Conversions for International Recipes

Setting the table

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